The FiCare Approach

This section will provide you with all the tools and strategies you will need to make sure parents are integral members of your NICU care team. Before getting started, it is important to remember that FICare is an actionable model of care. The ultimate goal of FICare is to support parents in becoming engaged, empowered, comfortable, and confident in caring for their baby in the NICU. The pillars of FICare are the scaffolding that supports the implementation of this model of care. These pillars may need to be adapted to your unit. We encourage you to maintain flexibility and creativity as you begin putting FICare into action.


Information and tools that help you evaluate your needs, and discuss the role of veteran parents in all aspects of FICare programming.

Core elements that constitute FICare, which can be used to implement FICare in your unit.

Ways in which NICUs may continue to foster the principles of FICare, evolve and expand programs and seek ways to improve.

A wealth of resources to enable you to fully implement FICare in your unit. 

Access the FiCare Toolkit & Resources

for downloads, videos and links to support FiCare implementation