Thank you to all the nurses and families who have made Family Integrated Care possible, and who have contributed their pictures and stories!


Mount Sinai FICare Research and Development Team

Kate Robson, Parent
Kristen Christie, Parent
Lori O’Leary, Parent
Dr. Shoo K. Lee, Pediatrician-in-Chief
Dr. Karel O’Brien, Staff Neonatologist
Dr. Adik Levin, Former Head Pediatrician (Tallinn Children’s Hospital)

Clare Raiman, RN, Research Coordinator
Marianne Bracht, Parent Resource Nurse
Kristy Macdonell, NICU Social Worker
Tammy McBride, Lactation Consultant
Mary Galarza, NICU Nurse
Tenzin Dicky, NICU Nurse
Ruth Warre, PhD, Medical Writer/Editor

Project Management Support
The FICare Research and Development team would like to thank Cynthia Yeh, Charlene Wong, and Natasha Musrap from Maternal-Infant Care Research Centre, who provided project management and content edit support for the website development.



The FICare pilot study (title: Care by Parents in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) was funded by the Preterm Birth and Healthy Outcomes Team and an Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions Interdisciplinary Team Grant (#200700595). The FICare randomized controlled trial was funded by a Partnerships for Health System Improvement Grant (PHE 122173) and a Team Grant in Maternal Infant Care (CTP 87518) from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario as part of the Provincial Paediatric Strategy Research Program Grant (#06465). Additional in-kind supports were provided by individual participating hospitals.