• FiCare Plus: The original FiCare Study (2013-2015) was a model where parents were taught and developed the necessary skills to become the primary caregiver for their infant in the NICU. The objectives were to explore whether this could be done safely for infants who were on minimal respiratory support. The purpose of the FiCare Plus study was to identify the barriers, risks and benefits to safely extend and tailor this model of care to critically ill infants. A Nursing Refresher for this study, heart to HEARTT, was comprised of short videos and slide shows to provide a refresher on the nurse – parent relationship supporting the parent-infant relationship.


Protocols and Current Research Provided by Dr. Linda Franck Professor & Jack and Elaine Koehn Endowed Chair in Pediatric Nursing LinkedIn  (University of California: San Francisco):

International initiatives

  • The RISEinFAMILY project aims to implement the FICare model to a diverse sociocultural  group. Their website has been created and adapted to different multicultural sites to promote, knowledge, and education for both NICU families and healthcare professionals to support family empowerment in the NICU. The information is provided in 5 different languages, English, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, and Turkish.