The Role of the Healthcare Team

The healthcare team comprises of a broad group of people working in the NICU. The nursing team and doctors that provide the majority of care to a baby in the neonatal unit take a leadership role on the team.

In addition, there is a wider team which may include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, speech therapists, pharmacists, radiographers, ultra-sonographers, psychologists, social workers, and administrative and housekeeping staff, to name but a few.

Each team member has an important role to play in supporting the parents or guardians and the baby on their neonatal healthcare journey.

Parents or guardians are often stressed, anxious and overwhelmed by the situation they find themselves in when their sick or premature baby is admitted to a neonatal unit.

Each member of the healthcare team should be familiar with the principles of Family Integrated care (FICare) and understand their role in enabling and empowering parents to advocate for their child and become confident and competent caregivers.

Every team member should be respectful of the essential, central role that the family have and work with them, supporting, educating and coaching them.