In the FICare Toolkit, you will find a wealth of resources to enable you to fully implement FICare in your unit. The Toolkit is intended to guide you through the early stages of implementation (e.g, planning and self-assessment resources), provide resources for staff training, and offer a wealth of parent education materials. We encourage you to adapt these resources to fit your needs.

You can also find videos of parents and staff describing a variety of aspects of FICare in the Video Library.

In order to move forward in the implementation of FICare, the first steps involve assessing the current policies, practices, and culture in your particular unit. Tools for assessing and planning are found below. More information is available to guide you in preparing for FICare in the Planning and Engagement section.
Staff Engagement
Parent Engagement

Veteran Parents

Veteran parents play a valuable role in all aspects of FICare development, including committee membership, peer-to-peer support, and leading parent education sessions. The tools in the section provide resources for those interested in becoming a veteran parent.
Training Materials for staff, to engage veteran parents in different roles
Resources for veteran parents
Presentations by veteran parents to nursing staff

The tools included in this section will allow you to establish and maintain FICare in your unit, and are designed to fulfill the 4 pillars of FICare. Any NICU can incorporate aspects of each pillar, regardless of size. Use the resources that work with your particular unit; as always, flexibility and creativity are encouraged.

Staff Education and Support | Parent Education | NICU Environment | Psychosocial Support

Staff Education and Support

Preparing education
Delivering education
Online education modules
Training Videos developed by Mount Sinai Hospital:
FICare and Nursing Videos:
Additional staff resources

Parent Education 

Preparing education sessions
Delivering education sessions
Resources for parents
Additional resources

NICU Environment

Psychosocial Support

FICare is sustained through ongoing attention to all aspects of program implementation. Indicators of FICare success need to be reviewed regularly, achievements celebrated, and staff efforts encouraged and acknowledged. For further guidance in FICare sustainability, please refer to the Sustaining FICare section.